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Private Fees for Gerry Kaar and Associates. 2014

As a guide, the costs of some common private treatments are given below. You will be given a full estimate and treatment plan after examination and will be advised of any proposed changes during a course of treatment. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff or your dentists.

It is critical to state that any advertised treatment may be deemed unsuitable for a patient following a detailed clinical assessment, and that the advertisement does not indicate a guarantee that the particular treatment will be available to each and every patient regardless of suitability.

  • All prices in Euro.
  • Treatment costs will be discussed before a course of treatment is started.
  • You must understand the costs before treatment is started.
  • Please ask for and complete the consent form before starting treatment.
  • We require that all fees are discharged at the end of each visit.

Treatment Area Specific treatment Price
Hygienist * (Fees per visit) Scale + Polish €50.00
Recall scale and polish per visit (if a second or more visit is required in the same course of treatment) €40.00
Root scaling €60.00
Examination ** EXAM with SCALE and POLISH €80.00
Consultation/Examination €50.00
Consultation + Referral letter €60.00
2 bitewing x-rays €30.00
Consultation with dressing €70.00
Consultation with dressing and local anaesthesia €80.00
Extractions Extraction - as part of total treatment plan €80.00
Extraction - Emergency/new patient €100.00
Surgical extraction in case of complicated extraction. €120.00 - €150.00 (time based)
Surgical extraction of impacted tooth e.g. Wisdom tooth €230.00
Fillings (the cost of the filling is determined by the number of tooth surfaces that need to be filled) Amalgam - Simple €90.00
Amalgam - Complicated up to €120.00
"White" Front filling €90.00
Tip replacement/Cap €120.00
"White" filling in a back tooth €90-120.00
Add pin(s) to filling Add €20.00
Appliances Bite Guard €200.00
Gum shield /sports guard €80.00
Root Canal Treatment Per canal *** €150.00
Apicectomy €200.00
Perio/Gum Surgery General gum therapy Price on application
Crown lengthening for crown Price on application
Tooth Whitening Tray System €250.00
Crown and Bridge Cap/Crown in "White" filling material min €150.00
Crown/Bridge tooth per tooth - Porcelain (requires external laboratory work) €700.00
Crown/Bridge tooth per tooth - Porcelain bonded to metal (requires external laboratory work) €700.00
Crown/Bridge tooth per tooth - Gold (requires external laboratory work) €650.00
Gold Post for Crown €150.00
Composite Post and Core (required to restore the tooth prior to filling or crowning) €150.00
Porcelain Veneer (requires external laboratory work) €650.00
Composite Veneer €150.00
Onlay/Inlay - Porcelain (requires external laboratory work) €650.00
Onlay/Inlay - Composite €350.00
Temporary Bridge per Unit €80.00
Casualty EXTRACTION - Emergency/new patient €90.00 - €120.00
Consultation with temporary Dressing/Filling with Local Anaesthetic €80.00
Tip Replacement €120.00
Temporary Tip Replacement €70.00
Recement Crown/Bridge €60.00
Recement Crown/Bridge that requires a new post €100.00
Consultation with opening of the Root Canal and prescription €90.00
Trauma Splint AE Composite €120.00
Temporary Crown €90.00